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Wednesday; "Gone With The Wind"...

I just want to mention something here, in case you're not already aware of it. I want to mention the extraordinary craftsmanship that's demonstrated by Margaret Mitchell in Gone With The Wind</>. The density of it, and the way everything in it is woven together; the immediacy of it. It's truly remarkable, and I wish I could write that way. It's exactly what I want for Alien Tongues. Mitchell puts you right in the middle of her fictional universe, and is able to keep you there. I know the book is considered a pot-boiler, but I most sincerely wish I could write a post-boiler like that.
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Just here to mention, because LJ sent out those alerts this morning...I'm aware that this blog's officially closed, but I still come back and cite entries and comments here on my blog. Ozarque is one of those writers whose work deserves to outlive her grandchildren. I hope friends and relatives keep this blog online.
What does 'officially closed' mean? I paid for it to be a paid account through 2012, neglected to do that for 2013 -- but here is still is (assuming this post goes up).
An update on Suzette Haden Elgin from her husband (he asked me to pass this along).

Hello to you all. At last I have something to report about Suzette's condition.

On the ninth of January Suzette submitted to a battery of tests at the Schmeiding Center for Seniors in Springdale, designed to determine whether she had developed Alzheimer's disease or some form of dementia. They wouldn't give us any information at the conclusion of the tests, but insisted that her doctor would discuss the results at her next appointment with him. We drove up to Huntsville ( a 60 mile round trip) for her visit on the 17th of January only to find that the Schmeiding Center had sent the results to the Fayetteville office (only 10 minutes from our apartment). We then made an appointment with her Doctor for the following week and found that the Neuropsychologist at the Schmeiding Center had told Suzette's doctor the they could not offer a firm diagnosis without seeing a PET scan first, and that they had made an appointment for Suzette to have one at a facility in Tulsa that they approved of! I told them that Suzette could not possibly go to Tulsa because of he Diverticulitus, and I went ahead and scheduled one at the local Highland Oncology Clinic, which turned out to be perfectly acceptable. Then we had to make another appointment with her doctor to have him tell us the final diagnosis.

It seems that there is a quite diminished hypermetabolic activity within the bilateral frontal and temporal lobes which is nearly symmetric. There is also symmetric activity within the bilateral parietal and occipital lobes

What all of this gobbledegook boils down to, is that Suzette has developed a Fronto -Temperol Dementia. A condition that develops more rapidly than Alzheimer's disease, and does not respond to any form of treatment or medication. Somedays, for hours at a time, her behavior is almost normal. Most of the time she has no problem with filling up her day. She reads all kinds of books, and sometimes reads them over and over again. We are fortunate in living near a used book store, that has a vast assortment of titles that I can buy for 26 cents apiece. I've been buying 30 to 40 every 2 or 3 weeks. She reads them all! Then I pass them on to anyone who wants them.

When we first moved here, 15 months ago, I bought her a new Macintosh iMac computer. She started off using it daily, and said she was writing a new science fiction story. After a few months she stopped working on the story, and then stopped using the computer altogether. Now She won't use it even to read or answer her email.

... continued ...

For Christmas She wanted a laptop computer and a cellphone. She hasn't even started up the laptop, and she can't remember from day to day, how to use the cell phone. It's a very simple one, ideal for Seniors, called the Jitterbug. She won't answer the "hardwired" phone when it rings, and won't communicate in any way with anyone except immediate family, and a very limited way at that.
No radio. No TV. No form of entertainment except her books.

I'm giving her the best care that I can. I go out every morning for an hour or so. I have a cup of coffee, go to the grocery or bank, or gas up the car. Just the essentials. She sits in her Grandmother Bertha's rocking chair and reads, or more recently, sleeps. She seems OK with that.

She keeps moving her bedtime forward. She wants to eat our evening meal at 5pm, and then She goes upstairs and goes to bed. I have tried to encourage her to stay up later, but it just doesn't happen. Then, She's awake around 3am, and I have to keep sending her back to bed until at least 5 or 5:30 am.

She hasn't left the house for anything except visits to the doctor's office for about 15 months, and I just recently asked her if she wanted me to look for a small, used RV, (that has, of course, a bathroom), so that we could go for daytime drives or even short overnighters. She thought about it for a few days, and much to my suprise, said,"Yes,I'd like that very much". I waited a few days and asked again, and then again, and each time I got the same answer. So I did it!

Maybe it will be therapeutic to get her out of the house for short periods of time. It surely can't hurt. We could even go to someone's house and ask someone to come out to the RV and visit for a few minutes….. Maybe? We'll see.

I've rambled on for long enough. I've just tried to answer a few questions that I've been asked over the last year. The sad part is, She's just not ever going to get better. but I'm trying to make her days a little brighter. . .

Thanks to all of you . . Family and Many, Many Friends.


8 years ago


8 years ago


8 years ago

First, please pass along my sympathies. Second, this sounds similar to what my mother's husband had, though not identical (the name of his diagnosis, I think, was frontal lobe dementia). On that basis, yes, getting outside some would probably be good for her (in his case, it was sometimes just sitting in the garden instead of in the living room). If her family haven't already tried this, music that she's already familiar with might be good: Simon enjoyed it, and it seemed to connect for him at a point where new things didn't and words were difficult.
There is no way to express my dismay and my best wishes for Suzette and George. She won't know me because there is no personal connection except through Live Journal. I found her here through a mutual friend and cried tears of joy that I did because her writing completely changed my life some 25+ years ago. Selfishly I'm so sad and yet so grateful that I was able to "friend" her here, even if only for a short year or so.

I worked as a Director of Activities in a senior assisted living community for awhile so I understand from that point of view what she is going through. She will be in my best thoughts and if a card, even from a "stranger"/"fan" of sorts would bring her joy, please let me know and I will send it.

Now I know why I wasn't seeing any posts for so long.....
A junk novel.
I am very sorry to hear this. I add my thoughts and prayers for her and for her caregivers.
Forgive my late arrival, but I have wondered why Suzette's last entry was a comment on "Gone With the Wind" and then silence fo well over a year. I came across Ethesis' link announcing George's update just today.

I am shocked to hear of Suzette's illness. It seems utterly unfair of the Universe to plague her, a person whose whole life was dedicated to communication, with an accursed illness that is erasing her ability to communicate utterly. My father had Alzheimer's though he died of other complications due to diabetes. It breaks my heart to think what Suzette and George are going through.

I am feeling very tearful right now, knowing that she had so much more she wanted to accomplish, but now she never will, now that her spirit, her essential self, has gone on ahead several steps too far to ever return.

I will watch for news of you, Suzette. I will think of you and wish you a gentle passage through the inevitable transitions to come.

{{{{{Suzette and George}}}}} <--------comforting hugs offered
Happy Birthday!
Thinking of you and wishing you a comfortable, warm, and happy birthday, surrounded by love.
Happy Birthday, Suzette. I wish you a day filled with contentment and love. Even if you never know it, I am one of many, thinking of you.
Happy Birthday, Suzette! I hope you've had a good day.
Although you cannot respond back, I want to thank you for the great teachings you delivered through your books. They have helped me greatly in my life.
Thank you and may God bless you....
I just reread a very kind comment she made in my LJ a few years ago, and wanted to send my good wishes and thoughts to her. ::many hugs::
In searching my email a short while ago for a recipe i posted, i came across a lovely comment from ozarque i miss her and hope she and George as doing as well as may be.
Happy birthday, Suzette. As a teenager devouring your fiction, I learned concepts and saw horizons I would have never found otherwise, that have stayed with me for two decades more. I hope you are well.
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