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Monday; the new novel...

I'm pleased to report that the writer's block has come to an end. Apparently, all it took was a blogpost to the Magic Live Journal, and I was unstuck. I'm not satisfied with what I wrote yesterday -- I'm never satisfied with it, as you know -- but it's a real improvement over a case of writer's block. I'm grateful.
Tags: writing science fiction
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March 28 2011, 16:01:40 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  March 28 2011, 16:01:57 UTC

Personally, I think that's a lot of how confession works-- it robs the dreadful of its power, if nothing else. I use it a lot.

I am so glad for you. :)


March 28 2011, 16:29:39 UTC 9 years ago

Or acknowledgment. For me, just specifying to myself that this situation exists, seems to be enough - not always but surprisingly often - for me to figure out how to deal with it. Anyway, Suzette, I'm glad you're figuring out how to deal with it. Ir my experience can (ever) help, just email.

Meg Umans
Hooray for unsticking!

(I have a tendency, in the MMORPG -- massively multiplayer online roleplaying game -- that I'm often on... Well, there are things that you can get, like special riding animals for your character, that depend on doing something over and over and hoping the Random Number Generator favors you. And if I gripe to my "guild" in "guildchat" about it, sometimes the random number generator will give me what I want! This is a known phenomenon. "I am so sick of not getting X!" says a guild member. "Awww" say other guild members, or "good luck!" And then, shortly after... "I got X! I got X! YAAAAYYY!"

So I guess it's a little like that, with Magic LiveJournal and writer's block? O:D )
I would cynically suspect a moderator evesdropping.
I'm more suspicious that it's observer bias, m'self... (I doubt that the GMs would bother monitoring stuff like that, generally.) O;D
Hooray for being unstuck!
Hooray for dissatisfactory writing! Because blocked writing is writing that hasn't been done, but dissatisfactory writing is writing that has been done, and that can be IMPROVED!
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