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Monday; the new novel...

The new novel is going well. I'm writing it all in longhand right now, hoping that will mean the results are better because it slows me down so much.

I think that the series of catastrophes that fell on me in 2009 have left a lasting trauma that means it may be a long time before I'm able to work as quickly as I used to. I'm just not as strong as I used to be, and I suspect that it may take me a long time to recover from the damage. I don't mean to whine, but I do want to be clear about this. And having severe diverticulitis isn't helping any; it's made me housebound.
Tags: writing science fiction
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Emotional stress takes a physical toll too, and we are never the same afterward. I am encouraged for you by the fact that you *are* writing again. Take the time you need to be kind to yourself...and George.

Please tell us about life in your new home whenever you feel up to it. It must seem very different from your underground house. I hope you are both finding contentment in your new digs.
Sympathies on the ailment, and congratulations on finding a way to write.
I don't think that is whining. I think it is simple explanation.

I too, am encouraged for you that you are writing again. Given what you've been through in the past few years, I'm pleased that you're able to move forward in some fashion.

You're worth waiting for.


February 27 2011, 16:01:22 UTC 9 years ago

It's good to hear from you, Suzette. I'm glad you're writing again, and especially glad it's longhand. I do that too, when something is especially important and/or provocative for me. Of course you're changed: closer to your own core now.

Meg Umans
The icon refers to my current state, which is why I can only point to the comments above me and go, "What they said!"
Suzette, don't think of it as whining; think of it as letting your friends know how you are doing. And we -DO- want to know how you're doing. Our thoughts are with you always.

Oh, and just for the record, you are one of the least whiney I have ever met in my life.
Ugh, diverticulitis is nasty. My sympathies.
My sweet little ole grandmother used to say "Old age is not for wimps." As always, she was right.
I'm not surprised that you are working more slowly right now; you've had some hellacious shocks to deal with. And pain makes that even worse.

I truly hope this year is better for you. {{{hugs}}}
Thank you for posting an update. I was thinking about you just last week, and hoping things were getting better for you. My best wishes go out to you and George.
My father had just a bout of diverticulitis, and it was incredibly hard. Do be gentle with yourself.

I'm glad you are writing again, and I hope it gives you peace.
I hope that the diverticulitis heals soon. It's so difficult, I know. Take good care.
Looking forward to the new novel!
I think most of my fellow fans will promise to be more patient with you than you are likely to be with yourself, and look forward to the book whenever it appears! Wishing you many days of your best health and energy ahead.
Sure wish you well.
It's nice to hear that the new novel is going well. Something like that is a very big, ambitious project; but if it's going well, it should be giving you its own special kind of satisfaction -- perhaps not always pleasure exactly, but definitely satisfaction.
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