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Monday; weather troubles...

The weather here has been awful, and last week -- to escape the predicted power outages -- we [George and I and Sheba] drove south to Fort Smith and spent several days in a very nice Mariott Courtyard hotel, with excellent food and a staff that spoiled us rotten. We had of course not packed many things we needed, including George's laptop, but that was predictable. After we got back we learned that the Holiday Inn, only a few blocks from us, has backup power and takes pets, which will be a lot easier than driving all the way to Fort Smith, but we were very glad to be there while we were there.

They're predicting another round of the same -- another ice storm -- in the next few days, and we'll be pleased to have the Holiday Inn to go to.

I'm dreading the thunderstorm season that's just ahead of us, since this will be the first time I've ever had to go through thunderstorms above ground. I'll miss our underground house. It would be nice to think that the storms won't be bad, but I'm afraid they will be; our weather now, in this time of Climate Change, is pretty uniformly wicked. It's going to be hard for me, I'm afraid. But George assures me that the way our apartment is structured means it would be a good place to be if we have tornadoes, which is reassuring.
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I'm glad you have a refuge, and hope you can feel refuge during thunderstorms.
I am so glad you discovered the Holiday Inn to hole up in. As soon as I thawed out (or a day or two later, the brain being the last to warm up)I started wondering how you were holding up.

The nasty weather was apparently clear across the country. What do you use for heat? And do you have alternative sources of heat, cooking, etc? I have gas for heat, hot water, and the stove and oven; electricity for everything else. I do hope your water pipes didn't freeze, and am so glad you kept safe and warm.

Albuquerque had not only a nasty cold snap, but some people lost their natural gas, which is to say, their only source of heat. The rest of us had low gas pressure, meaning a cold house and all the schools shut down, but otherwise doable. And there were pipes freezing all over the place. We are just not geared for this!
*does incoherent good thoughts for you*
I wish you peace of mind for the thunderstorm season - I know it's a time fraught with sadness and bad memories, and I hope being in a different place may weaken the power of the association somewhat. Being above ground will take some getting used to.

Holiday Inns are wonderful places. I remember their 1970's advertising campaign - 'No Surprises'. Uniformly clean, well-appointed rooms, a good coffee shop, everything as expected.


February 8 2011, 15:26:03 UTC 9 years ago

Yes, thunderstorms are frightening above ground. I was surprised to find that even as I get older, they get a bit less frightening. A bit. I'm glad you discovered your Holiday Inn.

Meg Umans


February 8 2011, 15:44:18 UTC 9 years ago

(Michael Farris)

"the way our apartment is structured means it would be a good place to be if we have tornadoes, which is reassuring"

You are far better than I am at finding silver linings....
Glad to hear that you and George (and Sheba) have found a safe harbor from Winter's furies. We were concerned about you.
How are you doing now? Is the nasty weather over?
Suzette, with the move and the new e-mail, I've managed to lose it again.

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