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Thursday; elderly skin...

You may remember that back in 2010 [For me, The Year From Hell] I was doing a lot of whining in this journal about the way the endless series of catastrophes I had to deal with that year was destroying my face. I was really upset about it, because when I looked in the mirror what I saw struck me as total devastation.

I just wanted to let you know that all that devastation has now gone away, and when I look in the mirror I see my normal [former] self again. I'm passing this information along because I didn't think it was possible for that kind of damage to undo itself, and I'm very glad to be wrong about that. It's such good news: that deep wrinkles and lines will reverse themselves over time.

The only substances I put on the skin of my face are Dial Bath Soap (the only soap I've ever used that doesn't cause a rash of tiny blisters) and witch hazel.
Tags: eldering
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I am glad to hear your face is back to normal and that your stress load has lightened enough for that to happen. I, too, have a lot to put behind me with 2010 so I know what you mean. My face looks ok but my other skin is looking like crepe now. :(

Maybe it will improve too.
That is very good news indeed. As someone who suffers from acne rosacea, I know about the link between stress and skin troubles, but it's nice to know that some, at least, of the effects of aging on skin can be reversed when situations get better.

I'm also glad that now your situation is better enough that you can see the improvement.
I'm delighted. Here's hoping that this is an omen of 2011 being less infernal than its predecessor.


9 years ago


9 years ago

Hurrah! A hopeful sign for many of us.
Thanks for your candor here.

I was noticing something similar with my 46-year-old face--illness and bereavement made me very wrinkly all of a sudden, which surprised me--so it's good to know that resilience continues.
That must be such a relief. 2010 (and the beginning of 2011, but I have hope for positive changes) was really rough for me, as well, and I've been noticing changes in my face. It's nice to think that they're not necessarily permanent and doubly nice to know that things are better for you now.
I had never heard this before; it's very interesting to know.

And I'm certainly hoping 2011 will be a more fortunate year, for you and for everyone, than its predecessor was.
Good to hear! Best wishes for the new year!
May 2011 ease even more wrinkles from your face and corresponding cares from your shoulders.
I'm glad to hear there's been some remediation. It's horrid to feel betrayed by the passage of time and good to know that sometimes there can be some relief.
Good to hear you're doing better. Stress can do horrible things to people. Some years ago I was having a lot of serious physical pain that no doctor or therapy seemed to be helping to reduce. I don't know if she remembers it, but a certain very perceptive and wise woman from Arkansas (who lived in an underground house) suggested that I reduce the stress level in my life. I did and the pain soon began to abate. I am still very grateful to her, for that and many other things.

Take care of yourself. You are important to a lot of people.
Oh, dear! Well, I sure am glad it's back to normal. That must be a great relief.

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January 14 2011, 18:56:15 UTC 9 years ago

2010 was difficult for me too - for many of us here, I see. Well, that's finished, or greatly diminished. I got a lot more wrinkled too. I'm glad your face is changing "back", both for your peace of mind, and for hope for my face. I don't put gunk on my face either, but I hadn't thought of witch hazel. I use vinegar occasionally.

Meg Umans
Wonderful! I'm so glad that everything has worked out.
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