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Poem; "Keeping Up With The Times"; final, revised version...

Keeping Up With The Times

She could do magic
as well as anyone;
she was highly skilled.

She could make clutter
sort itself out and go
to its proper place.

She could make water
wash the dinner dishes,
with just a quick thought.

She could make the dust
gather itself in piles
and jump in the trash.

She could make the sheets
put themselves on the bed,
and the bedspread too.

She could make the mop
polish the kitchen floor
to a gleaming shine.

But all of this seemed
so quaint. So old-fashioned.
She prided herself

on being With It,
on being up to date.
She wasn't happy

with those same old ways.
She brought in a robot,
and with her magic

made the robot clean
and dust and wash and shine
and make all the beds.

Using the robot
was just a bit harder --
but far more With It.
Tags: poem

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