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Science fiction; sf carol; "O Holy One"

"O Holy One"

[Tune -- "Doxology"]

O Holy One, this Christmastide,
forgive us for our foolish pride;
forgive us all our selfish greed,
and our cold hearts toward those in need.

In orbit high above the Earth,
we celebrate the Blessed Birth --
sweet Earth held in our heart and mind,
first cradle of all humankind.

Soon may we leave this our first home,
cross seas of space toward worlds unknown;
oh, let no seeds of human wars
despoil our cargo for the stars.


PS: That last line is flawed -- "despoil" is a bad choice. Maybe "our cargo" is a bad choice. Certainly the line as a whole is just plain bad. Maybe the whole final couplet is bad? Maybe we could fix it together? Maybe we could add another verse or two? (After which I'd need your advice about wording the credit/copyright lines properly.) I'd be interested in any suggestions you might have.

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  • Saturday...

    Many thanks for all the good wishes!

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    Much news here.... We have sold our property and rented an apartment in Springdale. Now, all that remains is to get rid of thirty years of clutter!

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