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Personal note again; many-ring circus...

The month of July is going to be horrendous here, Gentle Readers. It may give rise to rumors that fit into that "personal blogging is decreasing" tale; I'd like to head those off in advance by explaining what's going on.

First, there's the Huge Emergency-Rush Project. The good news is that the deadline has been extended to roughly January 1, 2009; the bad news is that I now have to start putting in roughly four hours a day on it for the rest of this year. There'll be days when that doesn't happen -- like the blessed weekend I'll be spending in Tulsa at the Conestoga science fiction convention, and there'll be days when it's eight hours instead of four, and there'll be everything in between. But four hours a day is the target.

Moving on, there's the second edition of The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense. I'm waiting for the printout to arrive from my editor -- the printout that will have all the requested changes/additions/deletions indicated on it -- so that I can do the necessary revisions. Since this one has an August 1st deadline and it's now July 1st, this is starting to get very scary. However, I have no power whatsoever in this situation, and I am trying not to think about it. [This is one of those situations for which being math-challenged is actually a blessing.] When the printout arrives, the Huge Emergency-Rush Project will have to be abandoned for a few days while I whip the final draft (an e-file) of the book into shape, complete with the dreaded "Acknowledgments" section and the book's index. If Providence smiles on me, the printout won't arrive when the HERP is in crisis, but it will arrive while there are still enough days left in July to get the work done.

And then there's getting everything ready for Conestoga. Especially the Art Show part, which involves filling out a batch of papers. Especially the part that involves packing suitcases and getting the dog ready for the kennel and shutting down the house and the gardens.

I may run in circles; I promise not to scream and shout.

While I am at Conestoga, I plan not to allow thoughts of the HERP and the GAVSD II to so much as cross my mind. I plan to enjoy myself, and I look forward to seeing some of you there.

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