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Recommended link; theists and atheists, interacting...

I am so impressed by Doug Muder's essay "Red Family, Blue Family: Making sense of the values issue" that I went to Google this morning looking for what else he might have written that was available online -- and immediately found "Meeting at Infinity: What Theists and Atheists Can Learn From Each Other," at http://freeandresponsible.blogspot.com/2006/04/going-home-again.html .

This is a sermon embedded in a blogpost, and right before the sermon Muder talks about going back to his hometown of Quincy, Illinois. Which got my attention, since one of my favorite memories from my childhood is the stories my mother and grandmother used to tell me about taking the riverboat up the Mississippi from Louisiana, Missouri to Quincy, Illinois to go shopping. Scroll down a bit in the post and you'll come to the "Meeting at Infinity" header.

I'm looking forward to reading the post on "Red Family, Blue Family" that starcat_jewel has planned for this week, and am indebted to her for posting the link to it in the first place.
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