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Science fiction poem; "Binary Addendum"...

Binary Addendum

On that day when -- suddenly -- God Almighty,
at the farthest narrow extreme of all patience,
inflicted sanity upon the United States Congress
(declaring once again, “Let there be Light!”),
half a thousand shuddering men, and the odd woman,
tore off their blue pinstripe uniforms and howled,
covered their heads with plasters of yellow legal pads
(fearing to scandalize the blessed angels),
crawled with their eyes tight-closed in search of a sane asylum,
clawing a scraped-raw pathway with their nails,
seeking half a thousand very old women
in whose tolerant practiced laps to lay their heads.
Finding not one who would sit to make a lap,
they moaned beside the Potomac: “Let there be Dark!”
Tags: poem
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