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Touch... reading Braille ... clarification...

I just posted this in a response to a comment from liveavatar, but I think it's best to post it here as well, for clarity's sake. I'm sorry to have been careless in the first place.

I said in the main post that it's critical for the person who's doing the reading to read at roughly 200 words a minute. That's not clear enough. I should have said "roughly 200 words a minute or more." It's not the case that information gets lost if someone reads faster than 200 words per minute, which is what it looked as if I were saying, only if they read more slowly than that.

When I'm training teachers, I always emphasize that minimum speed because of the tendency of some reading teachers to tell their students to "read very slowly and carefully so that you will understand," which is in fact counterproductive for anyone still learning to read.
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