January 9th, 2011

ozarque figure

Sunday; eldering....

One thing you can be absolutely certain of, as you become an elder, is that you will have Bathroom Troubles. The older you get, the more of them you will have. They come in two varieties: you can't get to the bathroom as quickly as you need to; once you get there, it takes you longer to accomplish things than it used to take.

You need to plan for this. Plan on being kind and courteous and gracious. Plan on having more than one bathroom in your house when you get old, or expect to need elaborate routines for "playing through." George and I lived thirty years in a house with only one bathroom, and it's a miracle that our marriage survived that test. He has been so extraordinarily good to me about all this, and I know it's been a trial for him. But it's going to happen, and you need to plan.

It would be wonderful if Bathroom Troubles happened only when you were at home. Don't count on that. Expect them to happen in public. It would be wonderful if there were simple measures you could take for dealing with them -- there aren't.

Forewarned is forearmed.