December 13th, 2008

ozarque figure

Holiday poetry being made, in public; revised draft...

Thank you for helping me write this intransigent poem; thank you for all your comments and all your suggestions. The poem is still not right, but I think it may be getting slowly better, thanks to the way you [youall] have been stirring up my brain. Exactly what I needed!

[Digression: And while I'm talking poetry here, I'm much humbled by the fact that only 111 people have looked at (perhaps not read, but at least looked at) my poem "Bardo Crossing," at . That's so few people, compared with the numbers shown for those who've read the other Strange Horizons poems, that it scares me.]

The weather people are saying dire things at us this morning: rain and wind today, thunderstorms tomorrow, sleet tomorrow night with a quarter inch of ice accumulation, then snow and sleet and ice going on through at least Tuesday night. If you don't see me posting here, you'll know why. And I suspect, given the weather they've been having on the East coast the past few days, that I know why I haven't been hearing from my agent and my Huge-Emergency-Rush-Project client in that area. I'm so glad I got my e-files sent before all this mess started moving in; there may be problems with the files that I haven't heard about yet, but at least they're there.

Here's my latest draft....

"Fear Not!"

Dark shrouds the world.
Storm clouds spell out DELUGE.
The bitter seas are curled,

Celebration is far from our thinking.
We are all holding our breath,
braced for the next misfortune.
The next falling. The next burning.
The next sinking.

We are all heavy with
dreads that have no due date.
Plagued by birth-pangs,
we are becoming one people,
and it hurts.
We are torn with fear.

But suddenly we hear,
far out over the curve of the earth,
under one brilliant star,
the angels singing.