December 1st, 2008

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Personal note; pleurisy...

Thank you for all the good wishes about what my grandmother would have referred to as my "spell" of pleurisy; I appreciate them very much. I've fooled about with pleurisy all my life, but this is the first episode I've ever had that just came along on its own instead of as part of a bad chest cold or some sort of flu. That's a curious development, but a very welcome one. And this morning I have not the slightest sign of pleurisy; it's completely gone. I'm tempted to blame the whole thing on my antiquated browser, but I suppose I can't get away with that as an explanation this time.

When I was a child I used to get pleurisy a half dozen times a year, and it always came with a bad chest cold and a cough. That's no fun, since with pleurisy even shallow breathing hurts, and coughing is just misery. The minute I'd lie down I'd start coughing, and I'd cough the whole night long, which meant that nobody else in the house could get any sleep. That not being acceptable, my parents had a two-step protocol. First they wrapped my chest tightly with strips of cut-up bedsheets, which eased the pain a bit. And second, they made me spend the night sitting up in a chair, which meant that I didn't get much sleep myself, but I coughed less, and the rest of the family had a more restful night.

I have no idea what brought on this most recent episode, but I'm delighted that it was so brief, and pleased to be rid of it. And today I am going to celebrate its departure by trimming our Christmas tree.
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