November 25th, 2008

ozarque figure

Personal note; this will be a busy week...

Wednesday we have to cook and carve the turkey, and make the flatbread; Thursday we make the dressing [for many of you, that's stuffing rather than dressing], load up everything, including the dog and her crate, and go to our daughter's house for Thanksgiving; and then on Saturday we're having visitors, which means that Tuesday and Friday have to be days devoted to cleaning and cooking.

Fortunately I've finished proofing the galleys for the Barnes & Noble book; fortunately the materials for the Huge-Emergency-Rush-Project are still winding their interminable way through the various review committees and boards and panels. I won't have to try to fit work for either of those projects into the cooking and cleaning and visiting. [Yet another thing to be thankful for -- and I am thankful for it.] But I suspect that there won't be a lot of time left over for LiveJournaling, and I wanted to let you know the reason.

To all of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving this week, I send my best and warmest wishes for a very happy occasion. And to all of you who will be out on the roads or the rails -- or flying -- this week, I send my best and warmest wishes for safe and uncomplicated travel.