November 19th, 2008

ozarque figure

Personal note; fandango report...

Many thanks for all your good wishes for our day in the city! It was my 72nd birthday [I've checked, and that is the right number for once], and we had a wonderful time. Lunch at the Cracker Barrel, where I had the vegetable plate and George had the meat loaf and mashed potatoes. Lots of time at Barnes & Noble; not quite so much time at Hobby Lobby, because my energy supply was running down rapidly by the time we got there, but fun all the same. I bought some frivolous stuff I didn't need -- something I do only in association with a birthday -- the weather was beautiful all day, and it was all entirely fandangous. It doesn't sound as exciting as the accounts I read of celebrations in your posts, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Sheba cried when we left her -- she always does -- but was none the worse for wear when retrieved, and I didn't have to be worrying about her -- and feeling as if I had to hurry home because of her -- all the time I was celebrating. Worth every penny of the ten dollars it costs to have her looked after for the day; I'm not capable of celebrating and worrying at the same time.