November 10th, 2008

ozarque figure

Personal note; how I spent my yesterday...

Yesterday was lovely; I wouldn't mind doing yesterday over again. For one thing, I was able to spend the morning doing things other than work, like reading my "Friends" list on LJ and watching the news. The new edition of the Gentle Art book is finished except for dropping the page numbers into the index, and I'm waiting for the galleys to arrive in the snailmail so I can do that -- so that task is on hold. There's a lot that has to be done for the book launch, but most of it can't be tackled until the book's available -- so I could justify putting that off a while. The Huge-Emergency-Rush-Project is temporarily finished, because all of the material is wending its way around the various committees and boards being reviewed. When that process is over, it will come roaring back at me and what happens then will be horrible beyond description, but there's not one thing I can do while the review is going on -- so that's on hold. I have an almost-complete draft of the first eight lessons of my new Láadan grammar done, and there's no deadline on that project -- so it was possible to consider that task to be on hold. I'm working on my handmade Christmas gifts, but that's something that I can do while I'm watching the news, so that was no barrier. I don't have to start on my January newsletter until December 1st, and the materials for it are piling up steadily; all is well on that front. I could certainly have started cleaning the house, but I didn't have sufficient moral strength on hand to tackle that, plus I have -- conveniently -- persuaded myself that cleaning the house isn't an appropriate Sunday activity. So I spent the morning lolling about enjoying myself.

After lunch I went through my usual cognitive gymnastics about my Sunday driving lesson. I start by admitting that I don't want to do that, and by claiming to myself that I'm so scared of it that it's not safe for other drivers to have to share the road with me and hence it's my duty not to do it. Then I go through the part where I remind myself that I must do it, because not being able to go do the grocery shopping and pick up the mail and drop stuff off at the bank and take my little dog to the vet -- that kind of thing -- is an unacceptable state of affairs, and hence it's my duty to do it. And then I pull myself together and George and I and Sheba The Dog go out and get in the car. And I am able to report that I deserve a gold star in the middle of my forehead, because yesterday for the first time I actually drove all the way into town, where the grocery store and the post office and the bank and the vet are located. That doesn't sound like much to those of you who do things like commute in Atlanta and Manhattan, but for me it's a triumph. George drove us home, but I had driven us all the way to town my own self, without running into anything or running off the road. Flourish of trumpets.

And then there was dinner, which was also wonderful. Mexican casserole and guacamole and corn chips and salsa and a fine big salad with Greek dressing and our house wine. Sheba was totally blissed out because we had for the first time this year plugged in our space heater, and she loves that heater; we put a circle of fencing around it to keep her from getting too close, and lay down a mat in front of it for her, and she lies down there and just wallows in the pleasure of it. We hadn't needed the heater before; it's been going down into the 20s during the night the past few days, but our underground house doesn't pay much attention to that kind of thing and it's been 70 in here in the mornings in spite of it. And we didn't really need it yesterday afternoon -- it was only 68 in the house -- but it was sort of like building a fire in the fireplace, if we'd had a fireplace, and it added a touch of luxury to dinner, and so we did it anyway.

I had finished one of my Christmas presents, and had gotten through a whopping stack of reading that had to be done, and could therefore tell my puritanical Head-Nanny that I had not wasted an entire day, I had accomplished a couple of things, so there -- and I went to bed with a clear conscience.

Today we are supposed to have thunderstorms, and I suppose the galleys will arrive, but yesterday .... I for sure enjoyed yesterday.