November 5th, 2008

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Directory of GAVSD Posts

As promised, here's the directory of links for the GAVSD posts/comments/responses in this journal, for your reference. I tried to be careful, and I think this must be almost all of them; certainly it's more than enough. The first new GAVSD post is scheduled for December 5, 2008, and there'll be another one on the first Friday of every month thereafter for as long as possible, or until you ask me to stop. If you have particular questions that you'd like for me to cover in those posts, I'd be pleased to have them, and I will do my best to answer them.

Directory of Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense Posts In This Journal

English Verbal Attack Patterns [VAPs] -- English Verbal Attack Patterns [VAPs] -- Emphatic Stress In English VAPs -- VAPs Examples -- VAPs In Other Languages -- Distinguishing "Hostile Language" and "Verbal Attacks" -- The Difference Between Patterns And Examples -- Degrees Of "Badness" In English VAPs -- Responding To "If You REALLY... " Attacks -- Verbal Attacks Versus Verbal Attack Patterns -- Responding to VAPs -- VAPs In Written Language -- VAPs Master List -- VAPs -- Identifying Characteristics -- The Boring Baroque Response

Miller's Law -- Miller's Law and "Why" Questions -- Miller's Law and Medical Language -- Miller's Law; Afternote -- Miller's Law Questions

Presuppositions -- Presupposition Problems (1) -- Presupposition Problems (2) -- Presupposition Problems (3) -- The Mysterious Word "Even" -- "Even" Afternote -- More on "Even" -- Even More on "Even"

Sensory Modes -- Sensory-Mode Clash Confrontations (1) -- Sensory-Mode Clash Confrontations (2) -- Sensory System Preference/Dominance -- Touch Language Questions (1) -- Touch Language Questions (2) -- Touch Language Questions (3) -- Touch Language Scenario

Three-Part Messages -- Three-Part Messages (1) -- Three-Part Messages (2) -- Three-Part Messages (3) -- Three-Part Messages (4)

Metaphors -- Metaphor Clash Repair (1) -- Metaphor Clash Repair (2) -- Metaphor Clash Repair (3)

Other -- "Fault" in Verbal Abuse -- Negative Reactions -- Leveling -- "Ignoring" As A Verbal Self-Defense Technique -- "Fault" in Verbal Abuse -- Choosing Your Emotions (1) -- Choosing Your Emotions (2) -- Taking Out The Trash -- Hostile Language And Your Health -- Hostile Language