November 3rd, 2008

ozarque figure

Halloween postscript...

Thank you for all your comments and responses to my post about what Halloween was like when I was a little girl; they are wonderfully interesting to read. Like most of you, I feel that we've lost a great deal of the festival quality of Halloween over the years, and I agree that that's sad for the children.

I just wanted to add a quick paragraph here about something we did for Halloween when I was a teenager. All the stores downtown where I lived turned over one of their big display windows to us kids and gave us carte blanche. We were let out of school early in the afternoon on Halloween, and we took tempera paint and brushes and cans of water and painted huge Halloween pictures on those windows, three or four of us to a window. Talk about fun ... that was so much fun! And the stores would leave our masterpieces alone for at least all of the following day before they washed the windows.