November 1st, 2008

ozarque figure

Personal note; update...

Thanks to all of you who sent me good wishes for a safe trip through the storm for my child and grandchild; I'm happy to report that all went well, and they were safely home when I called last night to check.

I know it's absurd to worry about that kind of thing, but knowing it's absurd doesn't keep me from doing it. I think what makes me so hypersensitive about it is the fact that we lost our youngest son to a highway accident in 1995. And I know from experience that having had that kind of thing happen once doesn't in any way make it less likely that it will happen again. You'd think that having lost my first husband to sudden death when he was only 29 and I was a young wife with three little kids would make it astronomically unlikely that I'd lose a child to sudden death -- when he was only 29 and had a young wife and three little kids. Nevertheless, that did happen. And so I fret.

Thank you also for the comments saying you'd be willing to read the post about Halloween when I was a little girl, even if it didn't get posted on Halloween. I appreciate that, and I'll work on that post.

But not today.

Some sort of celestial confluence of cockamamie coincidences has moved in over my place and I am -- all of a sudden -- just swamped with fifty different kinds of work. It's pouring in over the sides of the boat and coming in through all the cracks in the bottom of the boat, and I'm bailing frantically.

So much so that I've only managed to drive the car around the driveway one day this week [and that one drive started with an unplanned brief trip in reverse, headed straight for a giant juniper, but ended safely].

This too shall pass...