October 31st, 2008

ozarque figure

Personal note; befrazzledment...

I had a plan this morning. I was going to do a post about celebrating Halloween when I was a little girl, in a world so different from today's world that it's hard for me to fit them both into my memory at the same time. I was all set to do that.

And then two things happened that weren't part of my plan. A severe thunderstorm happened -- and went on and on and on -- which meant that I had to shut down my computer all through the LiveJournal time in my work schedule. And I learned that I had a child and a grandchild driving to Little Rock in that thunderstorm, which set me fretting and left me totally incompetent to write the post I'd had planned.

I've had to settle, therefore, for this note, and for wishing you, one and all:

Happy Halloween!