October 27th, 2008

ozarque figure

Personal note; thank you, and an update...

I am very much enjoying your comments on my latest cyberdragon post; thank you, one and all. And I want to remind you -- or let you know, if you haven't seen my earlier note on the subject -- that it's okay for you to write in the cyberdragon fictional universe if that appeals to you. Feel free.

Yesterday's driving went just a scrap better than last Sunday's. I knew about that intersection this time, and got through it without disgracing myself. And I managed to stop creeping along at 25 mph and actually drove at a blazing 45 mph for a while. Progress is being made, in very very tiny increments. I am beginning to think that the day might arrive when I will in fact be able to drive all the way to town and back. [I'm superstitious enough to feel as if I'm tempting smitings from the Powers That Be by typing that, by the way.]

My son has told me that unless I drive every day, or some reasonable approximation of every day, I will never get competent enough to feel safe on the road, and I suspect that he's right -- but there's absolutely no way I can fit a daily go-for-a-drive-episode into my work schedule. So I have compromised. We have a circular driveway around the house and yard, and my plan is to spend fifteen minutes or so every day just driving around and around on it. Stupid as that sounds, it would be practice -- solo practice, since there's no trouble I can get into on that route -- and I can spare that fifteen minutes. I won't even have to take the dog along. And maybe it will help me feel more comfortable driving, if only because it will get so boring.

No word yet from my editor at Barnes & Noble about a procedure [or a date] for pre-ordering the new edition of The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense...