October 21st, 2008

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Personal note; update...

Things are a tad ghastly here at the moment. I had really been looking forward to yesterday, which was supposed to be the day when I turned in the major portion of the work I've been doing for the Huge-Emergency-Rush-Project client. I had thought that I was going to have to translate three humungous e-files into Word 6, write cover e-mails for them, attach the Word 6 files to the e-mails, push a button ... and SHAZAM! Almost the entire project would then have been behind me, safe in the hands of the book designer and the various committees. After which I had planned to celebrate with happy dances and extravaganzas.

It didn't happen. Turns out, the book designer is on vacation -- not something anyone had warned me about -- and the client's Powers That Be plan to use that period of time "reading and reviewing" all 600 pages of my material. Which means that they will do a multitude of revisions -- by committee. Which means that I will then, yet again, have to go back and make those 600 pages conform to their new revised text before I can turn in those e-files.

Miserere. This is utterly horrible -- and utterly typical of the client. What I did in some previous life to deserve this I cannot say ... but I know what I did in this life: I signed the contract for this project. I have no one to blame but myself. Nevertheless: Miserere. Aaargh, too. Cottonpick.

And then there was Sunday's episode in my attempt to learn how to drive again. Things were going reasonably well. George, who is ordinarily a crochety and irritable person, was communicating with me in his Driving Teacher Mode. All patience and gentle compassion and pearls of wisdom, nothing at all like his usual self. And then he said: "Now you're going to have to turn left here, and this is a very bad intersection, so you'll have to be sure you turn wide enough to end up in the right lane," and at the same time two guys on motorcycles suddenly manifested themselves in said intersection and were coming right at me, and there were two impatient cars right behind me, and George said, "Go! Go! Right now!", and I did .... and by blind luck there was a parking lot on the other side of that intersection instead of a precipice. Had there been a precipice, George and I and Sheba would have gone right over it.

I did manage then to go on driving, after a fashion, all the way to our local state park, with its pretty springs, and park the car. Sort of. So that George could take over and drive us home. But I was totally befrazzled.

I am finding it very hard to believe that there was actually a time when I used to drive from north San Diego County to San Diego State University and back three or four days a week, on freeways, doing things like merging and changing lanes and parallel parking. I did do that; it's a matter of record. But for me it has acquired the status of High Fantasy. I used to do that? Competently? Without killing anybody? Surely not. That's right up there with elves doing my housework for me and pumpkins turning into coaches and similar truck.


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Personal note; update to the update; new verbal self-defense book...

I just got word from my editor at Barnes & Noble that the new edition of The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense will be coming out on March 30, 2009. She says it may take a little longer than that for stock to appear in all the stores, but the pub date is official.

Which means that I have only five months to do a launch for the book -- and I need your help. Am shamelessly asking for your help.

I need suggestions for things that you think I should do as part of the launch. Barnes & Noble doesn't do much (if any) marketing for its "exclusive" books -- books that are sold only in its stores. There won't be full-page ads in all the major magazines, the way there were for the first edition, back in the day, when B&N was heavily into direct mail selling. I'm on my own this time.

You realize that if it weren't for you [youall], there wouldn't have been a second edition?
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Personal note; thank you....

I want to thank you for all of your responses to my request for help with the book launch for the new edition of The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense and to let you know that I'm paying very close attention to them.

I've set up a file for your suggestions and am collecting them there, and I'll be posting a response.