October 12th, 2008

ozarque figure

Politics; and feminism...

Many things are worrying me right now; for any adult human being who's not in a coma, I think that description is a universal. Not all of those things are suitable for a discussion here. I don't know enough about financial matters, for example, to engage competently in a discussion about the global economy or the future of the stock market or how long it will take the credit market to unfreeze ... or anything of that kind. I don't have sufficient clairvoyance to engage in a discussion about who's going to win the presidential election or what things that winner ought to do after taking office, in what order.

There is one thing in my Worry Basket that I do feel competent to discuss, if you're willing to share your thoughts with me.

I am deeply worried about the implications of the Sarah Palin phenomenon for feminism. A lot of people have been writing about that issue, from many different points of view, and I have profited from reading their words. But I would be interested in knowing how you feel about it.