September 4th, 2008

ozarque figure

Politics; Sarah Palin, continued again...

I didn't watch Sarah Palin give her speech last night; I just couldn't do it. For one thing, my perception of Palin's voice, so far, has been that it's drilling a hole right through my head. For another, it was late, and I didn't think a lengthy time-release dose of the anger I was sure to feel while listening to her would be a wholesome way to end my day.

I found a transcript of the speech this morning -- at --
and I've printed that out and read it carefully; plus I've heard bits and pieces of the speech on NPR. And I'm sure now that I made the right decision when I decided not to watch/listen/feel that speech last night.
ozarque figure

Linguistics; political language; the Obama/Biden/Palin dilemma...

fionnulaharp's comment points out exactly the rhetorical problem that Obama and Biden are going to face now: "But if you take her up on the fightin' words, then you're picking on the girl."

Sarah Palin has been able to establish her identity as The Girl Next Door and The Mom Next Door. In her speech last night she didn't miss even one opportunity for a smart crack; she nailed down every single one. But I don't see any way that Obama and Biden -- or their spokespersons -- can come back at her on anything remotely like an equivalent basis without instantly being smothered in "picking on the girl" and "being sexist exactly the same way they were sexist about Senator Clinton" accusations.

It seems to me that the Obama/Biden campaign is now tightly trapped in a box.

They need a metaphor that will function as a door out of that box.