August 31st, 2008

ozarque figure

Politics; Sarah Palin...

I am startled -- flabbergasted -- by John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. Not because I'm not impressed by her; I am. I am in fact terrified by her. This is obviously a woman who Cleans House, and I suspect that she is going to make McCain's life miserable. I doubt very much that she'd be willing to exempt the Straight Talk Express -- or the White House -- from her housecleaning.

The first thing I heard about her -- paraphrased here, and without a source -- was "The landscape is littered with the bleeding bodies of those who have crossed Sarah Palin." [When I went googling for the source of that quote this morning, as you (youall) have trained me to do, I got trapped in the first three webpages I clicked on; I must not be the only person trying to find it.]

When I think of the sort of justices Palin would appoint to the Supreme Court if she became president -- something that strikes me as quite a likely event -- my blood runs cold.