July 30th, 2008

ozarque figure

Conestoga report; part two (final, and brief)

The programming staff at Conestoga has for years gifted me with a Sunday morning gig called "Breakfast with Suzette Haden Elgin"; it gives the Morning People at the con something to do until everyone else gets up, and I enjoy it very much. [George and I are definitely Morning People; no matter where we are, we're up at six a.m.]

Conversation over breakfast was especially interesting this year. We had Gordon Van Gelder at the table, and Sam's Dot publisher Tyree Campbell, and an assortment of writers and readers, which made sf publishing/writing/editing the major topic of conversation. And I had a fascinating-to-a-linguist experience, when -- as someone was talking and I was listening -- I suddenly realized that her spoken language absolutely had to belong to one of you ... and I was right. It did.

My next event for Sunday was a Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense workshop from 10 to 12, and to my great pleasure I had a good crowd and the workshop went well. I had been a bit uneasy, because the most recent GAVSD workshop I've done -- the one at the Arkansas Literary Festival this past April -- was such a total disaster. [That was the disaster I wasn't able to write about or explain in this journal because of privacy problems involving the audience.] I would have been very upset if that had happened again, and was grateful that it didn't.

In the afternoon I had a meeting -- not part of programming -- with someone wanting advice about doing a dissertation research project, and that also went well; I'd been afraid that because the topic was outside my field I wouldn't be able to say anything useful. That didn't happen either.

That left only Closing Ceremonies, a pleasant dinner with friends, a pleasant Monday-morning breakfast with friends, and a pleasant drive home. And to top it all off and make it perfect, my sales in the Art Show were excellent.

It was neat to have a four-day break before I had to hit the deck running with the copyedited printout for the new edition of the Barnes & Noble book and the Huge Emergency-Rush Project. Thank you, Providence. Thank you, Conestoga.

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