July 18th, 2008

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Recommended link; women and language...

Recommended: "Voices Too Often Missing in Op-Ed Land: Women's," by Carol Jenkins, from the July 16, 2008 Christian Science Monitor, online at
http://www.commondreams.org/archive/2008/07/16/10396/ .

Sample from the article:
"But the problem goes beyond the bylines. The dismal representation of women on the op-ed pages is just the tip of the iceberg. Research from the Annenberg Public Policy Institute found that just 3 percent of the 'clout' positions - the owners, publishers, and other ultimate decisionmakers - are women. The net effect of this is that almost everything we know about our world is cast through the male perspective. Women are just beginning to catch on to this fact."

Women are just beginning to catch on to this fact?