July 8th, 2008

ozarque figure

Personal note; about that daily glass of wine...

I realize that I've created a hopelessly false impression, posting about the small glass of wine I have every day with my dinner, and I want to straighten that out before it gets worse. It's not what you think. I believe I can be said to have a few good qualities, but my word on it: Elegance isn't one of them. I am peasant to the core.

The wine that's served at my table each evening is a Carlo Rossi Burgundy that we buy -- by the case, which gets us a ten percent discount. Without the discount it comes in a one-and-a-half liter jug for $5.79 a bottle. It is, in my opinion, a very nice wine, and I enjoy it. A glass of it is cheaper than the glass of Guinness I used to drink with my dinner, which is why I switched.

When I was living in Switzerland with my French husband and in-laws, we had truly elegant wines with our dinners every night. They were okay.... but what I really liked was the burgundy we had with dinner while we and a batch of relatives (twenty-one of us in all) were vacationing in the south of France. We got that wine by taking a covered bucket to the grocery and having the grocer fill it up from a wooden barrel. I had no better sense than to disgrace my whole family by announcing right at the table how very much I liked that burgundy and how good I thought it was. My mother-in-law changed the subject instantly; some of the uncles mumbled mumbles about Americans; and when we returned to Geneva I was lectured at length about never, never, never doing anything like that again.

So. It's not that I've never had the opportunity to drink decent wines, and therefore have no standard for comparison. I've had the opportunity to drink the very best, and the opportunity to drink Carlo Rossi Burgundy, and I prefer the Carlo Rossi.

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