June 25th, 2008

ozarque figure

Personal note; schedule...

Back on June 4th I posted a what-I'm-up-to-at-the-moment report that included this item:

"3. Huge Emergency-Rush Project
This one is typical. It has an early September deadline on it, the work involved would -- in a rational universe -- take at least six months to do, and we are still fiddling about while the proposal wends its way through committees and boards and similar truck. I have suggested that I should be instructed to go ahead and start work on the parts that will unquestionably have to be included, and have been told sternly not to do that. "Wait," they're telling me. I may wait, and then again I may not."

Well, given the sternness of the admonishments to wait, I waited. And it was just as well, since -- as is also typical of projects like this -- the specs for the project have been changing day by day, and if I hadn't waited I would have done some work that would by now have turned out not even to be included in the evolved project.

Yesterday, however, we finally reached critical mass with this thing. And today I have to construct two very complicated and lengthy documents, each of which ought to take maybe two or three days .... but I have to get both of them out today. That's going to keep me from posting, and it's going to keep me from responding to your comments. It doesn't mean that I wouldn't prefer to be posting and responding, instead of constructing those two documents.

I wanted you to know.

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