June 17th, 2008

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Recommended link; Rachel Maddow...

Recommended: "Making Airwaves: Broadcaster Rachel Maddow is succeeding at her goal of 'lefty rabblerousing,' " by Barrett Sheridan, from the May/June 2008 issue of the Stanford Alumni Magazine, at
http://www.stanfordalumni.org/news/magazine/2008/mayjun/pc/maddow.html .

My thanks to Cindy Brown for alerting me to this one.

I'm a Rachel Maddow fan. I watch the ghastly MSNBC "Race for the White House" show -- whose producers, for reasons that baffle me utterly, think viewers want to listen to David Gregory recite his panelists' credentials in full at least twice per show and read loooooooong quotes aloud, badly -- just for the opportunity to see and listen to Maddow.

Same show whose producers apparently think viewers want to hear the aforementioned David Gregory run through the same set of icky-cute little buzzphrases every single night.

Maybe this is a Generation Gap phenomenon again? Maybe younger people find it entertaining to hear David Gregory do these things over and over and over. Or maybe everybody watching is like me -- there for Rachel Maddow.