June 6th, 2008

ozarque figure

Linguistics; political language strategies...

I have some questions I'd like to try to discuss, if you're willing. Suppose we assume, for purposes of the discussion, that it's possible to unite the Democratic party.

1. Then how do we go about doing that?

2. What kinds of strategies are likely to have that effect?

3. What steps would we have to take, and in what order?

4. How do we find the metaphors we need?

5. What kinds of strategies might persuade a significant percentage of the people who are so fiercely angry right now to give up that anger, or at least to moderate it enough -- for the common good -- to work toward a Democratic victory in November?

6. What kinds of strategies might reassure a significant percentage of the people whose perception of the situation right now is that their entire world has been ripped out from under them?

[I realize that if you're a Republican who knows the answers to these questions you may not want to share them; that's fair.]