May 28th, 2008

ozarque figure

Sf poetry being made; cyberdragons; afternote/clarification...

Thank you for all your comments and responses, and for the very interesting and wide-ranging discussion. I need to do a bit of clarification here, and to answer a question....

ethesis commented:
"My assumption is that cyberdragons will do the dishes and clean the house for you, put out soothing rhythms that make it easier to feel calm and to sleep, and are interactive like a good puzzle game (cyberdragon tetris, etc.). They are also obviously collectibles with a hierarchy of rareness. ... But they would be caretakers for the elderly, always kind, always patient, always there."

That would make a very good science fiction story, but it doesn't fit in the fictional cyberdragon universe that I've been writing. My cyberdragons don't do any work, or any caretaking, of any kind. Like my own tiny Maltese terrier Sheba, they're ornamental and adorable. Unlike Sheba, they're programmed to provide an illusion of love and devotion that's seductive enough to evoke pampering behavior in their human owners, but it's only an illusion; Sheba does, I believe, really love her humans.

And anderyn wanted to know whether the cyberdragons are only for the wealthy. The answer to that question is no, because they can be purchased on an installment plan. However, the wealthier the owners are, the fancier the cyberdragon they'd be able to buy, obviously, and the more they'd be able to spend on its outfits and jewelry and furniture and all the rest of the "display" stuff.

The links to the cyberdragon stories (all in the format of fictional interviews) are at: , , and .