April 18th, 2008

ozarque figure

Personal note; status report...

I have to spend this day doing a long list of domestic and clerical and caretaking stuff.... There's a cake to frost; there's a premium to pack and address; there's a batch of correspondence to answer; there are accounts to post; there are some things my agent needs from me; there are seeds that have to go into peat pots under lights; there are some things that have to be dusted -- my word on it, they really have to be dusted; there's some laundry to do; there are some birthday gifts that have to be ordered.... And so, tediously, on. And on.

Feh. It's my own fault for putting off all of these things for so long that they've become an Urgent Convergence of tasks, each one of which now has to be done first. Tsk.

It seems to me that my prediction about our discussion of the Foreigner series as crosscultural communication -- my prediction that I wouldn't lead it very well -- has proved accurate, and that it's time to shut that down for lack of progress. I have enjoyed your comments, and have, as always, learned from them; thank you for giving me the chance to try that experiment.

Off to the Urgent Convergence...