April 11th, 2008

ozarque figure

Personal note; status update...

Good morning! This isn't going to be the Gripping-Topic post I promised you yesterday, I'm sorry to say. I've been reading and answering e-mails, reading my flist, and responding to comments, and I've flat run out of time. Duty calls; I've got to get back to the newsletters and the book revision.

You can't trust anybody over seventy, you perceive.

I am in better shape today, after a stormfree night of excellent sleep. Sleep is one of the things I'm best at, ordinarily, and -- from listening to my peers complain about their insomnia -- I know how lucky I am in that respect. I think that I'm almost back to being seventy-one again. Much better.

I'm thinking about dagoski's suggestion that we discuss CJ Cherryh's "Foreigner" series. Because it's so huge, and so many of you have read at least a book or two of it. And because I think it might serve as a useful metaphor for crosscultural communication -- one that would be less touchy and less hostility-catalytic, since the cultures involved aren't all Terran. While I'm working on the newsletters and the book revision, I'll be letting that perk...