April 9th, 2008

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Personal note; frazzled and incoherent blogger here...

We got home from the Arkansas Literary Festival Monday afternoon, with Monday having been a day of glorious spring weather ... the sort of beautiful spring day that we used to have an abundance of here in the Ozarks in March and April. And then we woke up yesterday morning to more of the New Normal Spring Weather -- a thunderstorm going on, a flash flood warning, and a tornado watch. More of the same is predicted for us this afternoon, tonight, tomorrow, and perhaps tomorrow night; some areas will, they tell us, be getting as much as seven inches of rain. After the third storm yesterday morning I gave up and turned off my computer. [Which turned out not to be a total waste of the workday, because it let me write a first draft -- in longhand -- of the new chapter on verbal self-defense in e-language that's going into the revised edition of The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense, and that's progress.]

The Arkansas Literary Festival

The ALF was fortunate; a tornado had hit Little Rock the night before it began, but the rest of the weekend the weather was first calm and then beautiful. George and I were in a very nice hotel down in the Rivermarket district, and it had -- right next door -- a restaurant where we ate almost all of our meals, called "The Flying Fish." I've never seen a more efficient operation, and I've rarely eaten better food. Highly recommended, if you're ever in Little Rock. Don't expect candlelight and violins and wine stewards; do expect speedy service, reasonable prices, and exceptionally good food. I had the grilled tilapia plate -- the one that comes with thinly-sliced grilled vegetables, plus red beans and rice -- three times, and enjoyed it more each time. And I am pleased to report that George cooked that same menu for our dinner here last night, and I enjoyed it again.

My verbal self-defense workshop for teens/young adults was a disaster. I will say only that the disaster wasn't entirely my fault. More than enough said.

My other "event" was a different matter. I read some poems from Twenty-One Novel Poems, and talked about them a bit, and talked about the way we'd worked on some of the poems together here at LiveJournal and what that was like and how grateful I was to all of you. I had a good and helpful audience (including some of you); there were lots of excellent questions and comments -- and the session was a pleasure. Thank you, Providence.

Now I have to get caught up with all the work that I postponed because of the ALF, and it's time to start writing the May/June newsletters, and it's time to put seeds under lights for the garden that we intend to have if it ever stops storming long enough. I'm off to get started on all of that....

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