March 31st, 2008

ozarque figure

Personal note; Extended Whine Psalm...

This is -- I strongly suspect -- not going to be a good week. Last night, I'm pleased to say, we got to sleep through the night; no storms. And at this moment the storms are well north of us. But they're saying 90 percent chance of storms for us today, 70 percent chance tonight, flash floods predicted from 1:00 p.m. on. And "thunderstorm potential" for Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday.

I'd been hoping for a break in the storms Thursday and Friday -- because Thursday we have to pack for Little Rock (for the Arkansas Literary Festival gig) and get the house ready for our absence, and Friday we have to take our dog to the kennel and drive to Little Rock. Packing and house-closing with only the generator is awkward; no way to shower or do laundry, for instance, since the hot water heater has to be turned off. And leaving the house with the power still off means coming back to a Refrigerator Situation. Not good. I will be trying to get the necessary laundry done during breaks between storms, will be cleaning everything out of the refrigerator that can be cleaned out, and will be fervently hoping for the best. So far, we've had no power outages in spite of humungous storms; thank you, Providence. May that continue.

Since using the computers during the storms is a very bad move, I probably won't get much posting done, and I probably will get very little work done on the revision for The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense. Feh.

[Intermission from Extended Whine: On the other hand , the contracts have now been signed and mailed, and I've been gifted with an August 1, 2008 deadline, which is wonderful. If I can't get anything done on the revision until we're back from Little Rock, all will still be well.]

I will admit to being worn out with this cottonpicking weather, which I'm certain is our new "normal" spring weather. I'm trying to appreciate it for its benefits -- lots of nitrogen added to our soil by the lightning, lots of water added to our aquifers by the torrential rains, lovely well-washed cattle in the fields -- but I'm not getting very far with that. I'm trying to count my blessings -- for example, the fact that I don't have to get out every day in all this mess and commute to a job somewhere, and the fact that when the weather radio tells us to take cover we've already [in an underground house] taken cover and don't have to scramble. Maybe -- probably -- the way all this commotion is affecting me goes with being seventy-one.

I didn't want to arrive in Little Rock this weekend frazzled and exhausted and a nervous wreck, you perceive. I wanted to spend a reasonably relaxed week getting ready for the two ALF gigs, and I wanted to arrive in Little Rock looking like a serene and rested old lady.

I am at the end of this poor-me epistle, having now dumped all this negativity into a format where it's a physical object subject to my whims instead of an endless repeating tape plalying in my head, and I am gearing up to struggle with Providence by thinking positive thoughts at the top of my neurons.