February 22nd, 2008

ozarque figure

Personal note in unseemly haste...

I wanted to let you know that Jackie Powers and I are busy trying to decide how best to "implement" the suggestion from dulcinbradbury that if I want feedback on The Communipaths it would be a good idea to let readers know that. [You can't imagine how stupid I feel for not having thought of that myself. A marketing and promotions expert I most emphatically am not.]

I'm going to set up an LJ post for the feedback; Jackie's going to do the link at the book's welcome page and the explanation of what it's for; I have to figure out how to word things.

We're also getting ready to put the second Coyote Jones book -- that's Furthest -- on line. That will take a little time, because I first have to (a) turn in (and get approval for) the second edition of The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense, and (b) do the two presentations I'm scheduled for at the Arkansas Literary Festival in early April. But it's next on the list.

If you have any suggestions about these matters, they will as always be welcome.

Moving right along, in fits and starts....

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