February 6th, 2008

ozarque figure

Personal note; weather...

Yesterday was a good deal more exciting than I'd have liked it to be, and not just because of the primaries -- but we were very, very lucky. South of us, tornados were everywhere, and people died. Horrible. We lucked out, getting only storms, moving through quickly and not all that severe, and we never did lose our electric power or our tv satellite signal. We were able to go vote in a lull between storms, and we were able to have our dinner in front of the television set -- something we never do, but yesterday, with the election results coming in, was an exception -- just as we'd planned.

We kept unplugging the modem from the phone line when the thunderclaps got close .... and plugging the modem back in when they moved away... and unplugging the modem again when they got close.... After a while it became clear that we'd have to spend the day that way, so we gave up and shut the computers down, and I made a dent or two in some stacks of paperwork I don't ordinarily have time to do anything about. We're especially blessed because, living in an underground house, when the weatherpersons say to take cover we've already done that. But my children and my grandchildren and all their pets and livestock lack that advantage, and that makes me fretful. And the fronts going through meant George and I were both aching all over -- that goes with being 70-plus -- and were miserable on top of fretful. Feh.

It got up to 72 degrees here yesterday; ridiculous. This morning we have snow and freezing rain; according to the weather service, it's a Winter Weather Event. But again we're lucky: They're predicting little or no accumulation, and 50s tomorrow. Thank you, Providence.

And I am pleased with the results of the Democratic primary, so far. I was surprised that Arkansas went to Clinton -- I would have been equally surprised if it had gone to Obama -- and I am well aware that that makes no sense. I was not surprised that Arkansas went to Huckabee.

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