January 23rd, 2008

ozarque figure

Eldering; what it's like being old...

galeni commented:
"Would it be possible to explain why it's so hard being old?"

Obviously, there are people who don't find it all that hard, like idiotgrrl, and I congratulate and admire them. With regard to the others, I'm willing to try to explain, with my thanks for the help from elfwreck at http://ozarque.livejournal.com/490311.html?replyto=9871175 . [In the context of that comment from elfwreck, I am reminded of the line from George Burns -- unquestionably an expert on being old -- who told us that if you wake up in the morning when you're old and nothing hurts, you know you've died.]

Taking this one step at a time, I'd like to start by recommending "Testimonies: What it's like being 60" -- with 23 of these testimonies -- at http://www.helium.com/tm/549192/eight-months-think-spent .

And then tomorrow -- or one of these days pretty soon, depending on which one of the three wildly differing weather forecasts NPR has been cycling through this morning turns out to be accurate -- I'll do a post on "What it's like being 71 going on 72."

If anyone among you would like to contribute your personal account of "What it's like being 80" or "What it's like being 90" or "What it's like being 100," that would be very welcome.