December 29th, 2006

ozarque figure

Personal note....

Providence [or substitute an Entity of your choice] is breathing down my neck this morning, and throwing gravel at me, and generally trying to get my attention. Our e-mail server is down, which means that I'm not getting your comments, although -- mysteriously -- I can get on the Net, which makes it possible for me to check for them at LiveJournal every so often. The weatherpersons are predicting severe storms, which may complicate matters further -- chance of storms 100 percent later today, they're saying. [Fortunately, when you live in an underground house, you have already "taken cover."]

All this may slow me down some, which is something I didn't think I needed; I could of course have been wrong about that.

My plan was to start our discussion of globalization tomorrow; if all goes well, and the creeks don't rise any higher, that will still happen.

Happy New Year to you, all the same, and thank you for putting up with all those "whiches."