December 27th, 2006

ozarque figure

What I'm up to; status report...

I had a splendid Christmas; wonderful in every way. There were children and grandchildren at my house for Christmas lunch -- which was such good food and drink (and so much good food and drink) that not only did we all enjoy it tremendously, it will be at least a week before anyone at my house has to do any more cooking.

I got fandangous presents. Including, but not limited to:

The "Tetris Classic Game Pak," to be added to my Palm Zire 71 PDA; a Pentel "Aquash" set, which involves watercolor pencils and water in some fashion made mysterious by the fact that all the instructions that came with it are entirely in Japanese [???]; a DVD of The Devil Wears Prada, which I've wanted to see for a long time; a Moodolph -- which is a festive little Cow Parade cow with reindeer antlers, for my cattle collection; large quantities of heavenly chocolate and heavenly cookies and heavenly candies; and a Nikon "Coolpix S7C" set which allegedly is going to make it possible for me to add photos to this journal, and which I could see immediately was going to involve a long learning curve. And more. Amazing.

You may think this means that I am happily engaged in experimental Aquashing and Coolpixing and games of Tetris and watching DVDs and so on; you would be wrong. Until I have finished writing and sending my three January/February newsletters -- on which I am far, far behind, and am going to be late no matter how hard I try -- I can't spare even two minutes for any of those things. I can think about doing them, and look forward eagerly to doing them, but that's as far as it goes. Fortunately I am capable of eating chocolate and cookies and candy while I type.

I am also -- in the evening, when I'm too tired to type even one more character -- prepping for our upcoming discussion of globalization on this journal. This means reading and taking notes, on [including, but not limited to] the following:

Many relevant and useful articles retrieved from the Net; another Christmas gift, Real World Globalization: A Reader in Economics, Business and Politics from Dollars & Sense: Eighth Edition; and Thomas L. Friedman's The World Is Flat, loaned to me by my daughter. With Forbes and Fortune thrown in to lighten the brew. All at the same time. Heady!

[This project -- because I was looking for good thorough reviews of the Friedman book -- serendipitously led me to, a site I want to recommend to you in case you aren't already familiar with it, at . The Friedman page -- at -- is a good example. It gives you an annotated list of twenty-two reviews of the book, each one identified as positive or negative or mixed, with links. Very useful site; I wish I'd found it long ago.]

Everything else is on hold until I finish the newsletters and send them out. The book of science fiction poems, for example, is on hold, even though it's almost finished. The novel is on hold; the short stories are on hold; the housework is on hold; all but the most urgent correspondence is on hold; the Láadan project(s) are on hold; getting acquainted with all my other non-food Christmas presents is on hold; the major tech question I plan to ask you for help with shortly is on hold; the Christmas scrapbooking is on hold; more, much more, is on hold. The weather is not on hold, since I have no control over the weather whatsoever, and it looks as though Friday may be one of those memorable days here punctuated by the weather-radio alarms going off every couple of minutes -- big moby storms headed this way, maybe ice storms, maybe tornados, depending on the temperatures. Maybe no electricity, which will slow me down dramatically on the newsletters, right when I need that least; we'll see. No floods, since the river is thirty feet down a cliff....

Under the circumstances, I thought I'd better Seize The Moment and do a post, while I can. I hope you had pleasant-to-splendid winter holiday celebrations as well, and may the New Year treat you gently.

Moving left along....