November 18th, 2006

ozarque figure

Poem; "Cattle"...


In my old age there have come to be cows of velvet,
in colors of stained glass
studding the pleasant fields,
glowing among the grass.

The cows of my childhood had the texture of scrubbing brushes,
and similar appeal;
where have these velvety seductive cattle come from?
Amazing ... how they grace the pastures.

The great bull paces, but he does it
He does it ponderously.
He is like a sofa pacing.
He is like a silken boulder.
He is solid, all the way through;
he is a drum for the light.
He is ruddy, and white.
In his eyes there is always a bewildered wondering.

Where did my pampas go?
Who took my prairie?
Where are all my lissome loving heifers
and their knowing mothers?

I am afraid to turn him loose;
I am afraid to leave him where he is.
When that certain light of winter afternoons that Emily mentioned
falls upon him,
he bursts into flames.
ozarque figure

Recommended -- very scary -- link; global warming....

If you haven't read Robert Kunzig's article "Turning Point," you can find it at . It seriously suggests that we may see sea levels on Terra rise sixteen feet, and recommends that Californians get ready to have far less water than they have now. Thanks to Frances Green for sending me the article. And thanks to Cindy Brown, who alerted me this morning to a story by Charles J. Hanley at titled " 'Drastic' ideas emerge at Kyoto talks: Leading scientists propose a 'shade' of pollution to fight global warming."

If the sea levels started threatening Manhattan, the speed with which well-built and effective dikes would go up would amaze us all...