November 17th, 2006

ozarque figure

Personal note; yesterday's expedition...

Yesterday's expedition [my lunch at the Red Lobster was grilled talapia and roasted vegetables and rice pilaff and cheddar biscuits and a nice salad with viniagrette dressing -- lovely!] was mostly Christmas shopping to get the odds and ends that I can't make myself. Because it's not unusual for me not to get out of the house for months at a time, I really enjoy myself when I do go somewhere that's not a dentists's office; for me, everything in the outside world tends to be an exotic delight. Yesterday was especially nice, because I bought something for myself as well.

I brought home brand-new copies of Naomi Novik's His Majesty's Dragon, Throne Of Jade, and Black Powder War, which I've been lusting after ever since I read the complimentary first chapter of His Majesty's Dragon distributed at WisCon.

I knew I was going to enjoy those books; I'm crazy about Patrick O'Brian's novels, I was a big fan of Anne McCaffrey's early Pern novels, and I'm very fond of dragons. My Ozark Dragons are my favorite dragons, and Real Musgrave's dragons are my next-to-most favorite dragons, but I basically just go for dragons in general. I would rather meet dragons in my road than cattle, if I have a choice. The Novik series seemed to me to have been tailormade for my tastes.

I haven't been disappointed. I made it more than halfway through His Majesty's Dragon yesterday evening and had a very hard time making myself put it down and go to sleep; I plan to finish it tonight. And as soon as I've finished all three, I'll post a review.