November 15th, 2006

ozarque figure

About that Stephen King interview link I recommended earlier...

Here are three brief sample quotes from the interview to give you an idea of why I'm recommending it....

"You know, academics and critics are the biggest sexists in the world. They would holler and scream and say it isn't true, but if you have a famous writer, unless their spouse is somebody like Sylvia Plath, you never hear about them. They're totally ignored, even though they can be very influential in that writer's work."

"I don't believe in God in the rational part of my mind, but in the emotional part of my mind, yeah, I do. I have reasons to feel the way that I do. I don't go to church or anything, because I think organized religion is dangerous, so I don't do that — I don't do that at all."

"I sometimes think that literary fiction is a term that writers and critics give to a certain kind of well-written fiction that doesn't sell very much. That's the criteria, and a certain prejudice kicks in against you if you do sell a lot of books."

It's a really good, and really interesting, interview. IMHO.