November 8th, 2006

ozarque figure

Personal note....

I was an absolute mess -- and a useless one -- all day yesterday. I couldn't get any work done, which is unusual for me. I kept eating things ... crackers, leftover Halloween candy, cookies, pretzels, junk galore ... which is unusual for me. I skipped my thirty-minute walk and meditation, which is unusual for me. I put a lot of energy into pacing the floor that could have gone into housecleaning, as long as I wasn't getting any other work done anyway; that's unusual for me.

This morning I have the sort of semi-hangover that goes with having spent a day in so dissolute and disorganized a fashion, and I'm trying to put myself back together and settle my unruly mind. But in contrast to my emotional state on the two occasions in my life when I've had a real hangover, I'm a very happy woman this morning. With any luck at all, by tomorrow I'll be fully rehabilitated.

Now .... The Democrats have been handed a chance to demonstrate that they're capable of accomplishing something; let's see what happens.