October 2nd, 2006

ozarque figure

Writing-poetry poem...

Writing Poetry In Public

Writing poetry in public
is like:

dancing naked
in a crowd of overdressed people

taking a shower
in a four-way intersection

running up a crowded
down escalator

shedding your skin
in a cactus patch

being pebbled
ozarque figure

Sf poetry being made; round five; part three...

Here's Draft Eleven.... And thanks to wickedwit, I can now tell you that any green word in the poem below is intended only as a placeholder. It's not necessarily the word that should appear in the final version..

[no title yet]

Why metaphors? What's a metaphor for?
Why not just look at the facts?

If flying planes into towers is a crime,
you need the power of law;
you need judgment.
If flying planes into towers is a terrorist act,
you need the power of war;
you need combat.

If raping a woman is a sexual offense --
if it's assault -- if it's abuse of power,
you need a prison sentence.
If raping a woman is a crime of property --
if it's theft -- if it's breaking and entering,
you only need to make an appropriate payment.

If obesity is a disease, you need treatment.
If obesity is self-indulgence, you need control.
If obesity is a sin, you need sermons.

If life is a game you can always call Time Out,
and the rules
can always be revised.
If life is a lesson the rules have no exceptions,
and you don't get to skip
any of its parts.

If Earth is nothing more than humanity's crib,
never mind taking care of it --
as we outgrow it, we can just move on.
If Earth is humanity's only home forever,
we'd better be better stewards.

If welfare is the practice of character-binding --
if it deforms the spirit as foot-binding deforms the foot,
it should be abhorred.
If welfare is the practice of compassion --
of giving a hand up, when times are hard,
it should be admired.

Metaphors are the grammar of human life;
facts are the sequences generated by that grammar.

Draft Three of this poem (the first one posted) is at http://ozarque.livejournal.com/314095.html .
Draft Six is at http://ozarque.livejournal.com/314421.html .