September 27th, 2006

ozarque figure

Sf poetry being made; round five...

Here's an early draft of a science fiction poem -- full of little narratives, and based in linguistic science. It's a third draft, which means that it's still horrendously rough; it's barely hatched. [I have to post it fast, so that I don't keep making changes.] But I think there's enough here to work with, and I'd welcome your comments.

[no title yet]

What's a metaphor for?
Why not just look at the facts?

If flying a plane into a tower is a crime,
you need law enforcement;
if flying a plane into a tower is terrorism,
you need a war.

If the television your host leaves on while you visit is entertainment,
your host is a boor;
if the television your host leaves on while you visit is a hearthfire,
your host is a friend.

If raping a woman is a sexual offense,
you need a prison;
if raping a woman is a crime of property,
you only need to make a deal.

If obesity is a disease,
you get sympathy;
if obesity is a sin,
you get reproof.

If life is a game,
you can always call a Time Out;
if life is a lesson,
you don't get to skip any of its parts.

If Earth is just humanity's cradle,
never mind taking care of it --
you can always move on;
if Earth is humanity's home forever,
we'd better be better stewards.

If welfare is the practice of character-binding,
like the practice of foot-binding,
it should be abhorred;
if welfare is the practice of giving a hand up,
it should be admired.

Metaphors are the grammar of human life;
the facts are only the sentences
generated by that grammar.
ozarque figure

LJ technical question...

Because the style I use in this journal doesn't support tags, I've been using my "memories" list [at ] as a rough index to the posts, adding items to it whenever I have a few minutes free. It's better than no index at all, but it's gotten to be really disorganized and disorderly. I've been trying to follow the instructions in the "Memories" FAQ to clean it up and put it in better order -- this morning, for example, I was trying to fix the mess in the "Sf poetry being made" category -- and I must be totally misunderstanding something. Clicking on the "edit" button beside the entry, as directed by the FAQ, seems to have no effect; deleting a keyword string and replacing it with a different one only creates an additional entry -- instead of deleting the original one and replacing it with a new one, which is what I want to do.

I'd like to fix this, but everything I've been doing has only been making things worse; there's no point in continuing to dig this dry well deeper. If any of you can talk me through the editing process -- or just explain to me what I'm doing wrong -- I'd welcome your help.