July 4th, 2006

ozarque figure

Personal note; newsletters and ticks and a filksong...

I could have written three or four chapters of a novel, or half a short story, or at least a couple of drafts of a poem, in the time I've spent since last Friday sitting here patiently answering, one after another, e-mails that say -- roughly -- "Where is the other half of my newsletter?" or just "Where is my newsletter?" And the time I've spent sending genuinely grateful thankyou notes for the e-mails that are responses to my requests for people to let me know when some one (or more) of the six parts does arrive, so that I'll know who has what and can avoid sending duplicates and triplicates. And the time I've spent carefully tabulating all of this stuff, and sending reports to my ISP people, who are working on the problem. This is just what I needed, since I was already way behind in my work because I went (rejoicing!) to WisCon.

I remind myself, every dozenth e-mail or so, that this too will pass.

And every once in a while, just for a break from the Newsletter Masacree, I've been hunting back through the "Calendar View" part of this journal, trying to find out where I posted the lyrics to my ticks filksong. I know I did that; I remember it very well, and I remember the spirited discussion that followed, with all the comments proposing purposes for ticks. But I can't find it.

There's nothing at all I can do about the Newsletter Masacree; it just has to be endured. But there is something I can do about not being able to find that filksong: I can just post it again, and be done with it. Here goes.

Bless The Ticks
[Tune: "Silver Dagger"]

If it weren't for ticks... we'd see the angels
out on the porch, and in the yard;
and they'd watch ev'rything that we were doing
and it sure would make the doing hard...

If it weren't for ticks, we'd see the angels,
and their glorious wings, seven feet long;
and if you planned a fun little picnic,
the Ozark angels would tag along...

I think we're much too shy for angels
beside our bed and in our car;
we'd better keep the little critters,
we've done all right with them so far...

Thanks to the ticks, we don't see angels!
And it's just as well, to my mind --
oh, think of the burden, livin' up to angels!
Bless the ticks, that keep us blind...