July 2nd, 2006

ozarque figure

Personal note...

Yesterday wasn't one of the better days to come my way recently, cyberspatially speaking. I had finished and e-mailed all three of my July/August 2006 newsletters, in the usual way. But sending them wasn't enough; apparently they needed some sort of extra shepherding. What reached my network members was Part One of one newsletter, and Part Two of another one; nobody got either part of the third newsletter.

This is weird. (At least I think it's weird; maybe it happens all the time, and I'm just unaware of it. But it's never happened to me before.) I didn't get bounce messages for these newsletters, or "undeliverable" notices, or anything of that kind; they just disappeared into the cybervoid.

Which meant sending out a mass message asking people to tell me which parts (of which newsletters) they did or didn't receive, and asking them to check their spamfilter slushpiles to be sure they weren't stranded there before reporting them missing. And then spending the day re-sending all the missing pieces as the answers trickled in one or two at a time. (I'll have a lot more of that to do after the holiday, when people get back from their traveling about and discover that they only have parts of their newsletters. Not shiny. In no way shiny.

What I've done to deserve this I cannot imagine. We've checked this Macintosh of mine and its software up one side and down the other for contamination, viruses, debilitating chronic diseases, hidden malicious tendencies, whatever. Nothing. It's clean.

So; that's where I've been....